Mary and the Roman Soldiers

I have my own theory about Mary, the mother of Jesus – Mary was Jewish, and the Hebrew Bible prohibits adultery in its seventh commandment with stoning to death as consequence.

One of the testimonies that supposedly saw Jesus appearing in a locker room was a corrupt Roman Soldier, and he reportedly was at the house at that time, also lots roman soldiers in that specific region, so it should have been pretty normal to have them, away from home, around and sex starved as most Romans normally were, in the heat.

So suppose she did made sex with one (why not more) of the sex-mad Roman soldiers and found herself pregnant at one stage – so at the verge of the thought of the current punishment for adultery (stoning to death) and plus the fact the baby would obviously be of different color and even slightly different race from them both, she would have to invent a sensational story involving the main topic at the time, the omnipresence of god, to escape it wouldn’t she ?

If you were grown up with the idea that your mother gave birth to you virgin, and that it means God sent you to earth personally – you would feel like the savior, and with a mission, would not you ?

Specially true if the steps followed to such an end, mentioned as previously, are unknown to you ?

Mary portrayed as a rather attractive woman in this impression by Carlo Dolci from 1670

If he is the savior or not, it is irrelevant – but, taking in account the theory for this post is true, he was sure grown to behave and think himself as one.

And that says a lot about what Jewish society and the reality in this specific region, at this specific time, was like.

The miracles have no real testimonies to it have them ?

The only testimonies were its own disciples, Josephus a Roman Soldier that had a very bad reputation and is said to have written it to make his own story more credible, and the mother of Jesus, that somehow found herself in the middle of such a mess in the first place.

I am interested in the history of the region to be honest to you, and understand how certain patterns and concepts of our modern life originate from such a time and place, not only in the Syria/Israel area but also Rome and ancient Greece.

All the happenings are very complex, but one obvious fact is that some seem to have put themselves in every sort of mess, to escape from the social pressure, rules and punishment at that time.

I have as much evidence as his own writings really, as mentioned above, study on Judaism (specially at that time) and study of the Bible.

Even tho I am not Jewish, I have Jewish-Christian decendency, and I walked for a few years in both circles.

The starting point at this article is the only reasonal conclusion one would have about this specific subject. But it is just the conclusion, the subject as a whole goes well further than that, and some social/psychological aspects inside it are really insightful, specially analyzing the way we, ourselves, live today.

I think there is a lot more to learn from what happened at that time, than the result of people trying to escape from social pressure, rules and punishment at that time left written in this single book.

The Greek time is funny too, I have been to Greece a few times, and things such as the concept of the God Poseidon are so easy to see where they come from – the islands are wide open from the sea, with small beaches and a huge steep mountain just after it – at night, when it is wind and cooling down, the sound of the wave breaking into the start of the mountain does sounds like a big, very, very big screaming out loud “OOOH” – it does sound like a God coming form the sea screaming in anger when the wind gets stronger.

That does helps you to understand what they seen at this specific time, and rationalized as, and how as they progressed in sciences and knowledge, they realize what was causing the noise and moved on as a civilization.

There are some fascinating bits of human story to be properly studied, and seeing it for yourself is even more interesting and enlightening to how humans behave than reading the story about the God Poseidon in itself.

But, back in the subject, I do not think this discredits Jesus either – after all, he was a writer, and all the happenings are not his fault in any way.

But Mary’s original doing did make the situation in itself very complicated for her and her family – I do not blame her either, it is a natural hormonal reaction, and as she found herself deep into it, anyone could.

So I am not saying that at all in a pejorative term, if that is what you think.

The Romans have never been saints, by the very much opposite, they were brutal, and the exploitation of both Jesus and his writings is where they wreck everything Jesus himself wrote and so obviously believe in, due to the facts mentioned in the start of this article.

Two Slovakian priests, Stanislava Cigánka and Martina Chlebka were excommunicated from the Catholic Church this week because they dared expressing them opinions about John Paul II and the current Pope, Benedict XVI.

That shows their own role inside such an institution is to say what they are allowed tho, as they work for it. Obviously mental flexibility is not welcome in any strong groups aimed at suppressing the rights to freedom. In turn, boundless loyalty is.

During 2000 years the Church imposed itself, be it by creating an army-like mass of believers, be it by force as in Inquisition and mass-conversion of non-Christian people.

They simply do the exact opposite to what Jesus himself wrote and fought for as a man – freedom.

6 thoughts on “Mary and the Roman Soldiers

  1. Quoting a comment made by Tellurian in the website.

    It is difficult to determine from the documents whether she was raped by the Roman soldier Pantera, or if she had an affair with him, although the documents seem to hint at an affair instead of a rape. In the early first century the area of Nazareth was NOT a Jewish village. It instead was a Roman military camp, which has been verified by the Roman bath that archaeologists found there. Calling the biblical Jesus “Jesus of Nazareth” could have been a reference to the fact that his father Pantera had been a Roman soldier stationed at the Nazareth military camp.

  2. Quoting a text from the Rational Wiki,


    Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (Latin for “panther”), ca. 22 BCE – CE 40, was a Roman soldier, an alleged rapist and/or adulterer, and possibly the Father of Jesus. A rumor existed around the second century of the Christian era that a Roman soldier may have raped Mary or had consensual sex with her. He could have been the father of Jesus. Certainly Roman soldiers would have been tempted to have sexual relations with local women with, or without, consent. They were men in the prime of life and were forbidden to marry until they were forty.”

  3. I find your comments interesting. Finding myself studying historical events due to being a direct decendant of many Royal families, I find that even today royality and religious persons are mixed like a pot of stew. Being a woman and having given birth, I think the “virgen” birth unlikely and myths like such abound through out time. Jesus was born and died a Jew. Although seemingly an awesome man..I wonder if he was not killed by Israelites due to a tarnished birth related to the Houses of David and Levi. I am of no authority what so ever, but history seems to repeat its self. I found your comments interesting.

  4. which do u think is believeable? the virgin birth of christ like what the christian community claims or a girl having an affair or even raped? hmmmm…

    • I believe in god so it is truth. I hope you find god before it’s to late. Im not a christian but i will defend mary mother of this beloved prophet of god!

      • What God are you talking about ?

        And the Christians think that there is only on God, theirs – if you are not a Christian, you are a damned soul, and you need to be convert.

        As you said, “I hope you find god before it’s to late”, so go on, convert now and go to the Christian church confess your life worth of sins to their God before believing and defending the story of the whore of the mother of his prophet, and then come back here to tell how did the Christians take you, a non-Christian, going near their church and community, I dare you.

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