No better demonstration of the uselessness of the United Nations

Facing the uprise, the massacre, the desperate exodus and the violence-torn country which Libya become for the past ten days, there is no better demonstration of the uselessness of the United Nations than last year’s election of Libya to the Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

In May 12, 2010, Colum Lynch, a long time correspondent for the Washington Post, reported from inside the United Nations that Libya was to join U.N. Human Rights Council,

Long serving Libya's leader Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, also known simply as Colonel Gaddafi, celebrating and being celebrated at the United Nations Headquarters in May 2010

Libya will be elected Thursday to the U.N. Human Right Council, marking another step in the former American enemy’s now well-advanced political rehabilitation on the world stage.

Ever since the Libyan government in 2003 made peace with Washington and abandoned its nascent nuclear weapons program, Tripoli has ascended virtually every important diplomatic body at the United Nations — including the African Union chairmanship, the U.N. Security Council, and the presidency of the U.N. General Assembly.

Senior U.S. officials maintain that they can make progress on promoting human rights even when not working with like-minded countries.

What progress ? both US and EU welcomed a country they know to be under one of the world’s most brutal and longest-running tyrannies, Tony Blair himself was travelling to Libya and publicly shaking hands with the blood-soaked dictator Muammar Gaddafi seven years ago, and now, only today, both US and EU said, in the most hypocrite of the remarks, that they were discussing possible measures against Libya, including sanctions, acting as if none of the previous episodes had “never happened”, and as if they had never met the man, and had nothing to do with it.

In May, 14 2010, the Daily Telegraph reported that Libya was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council,

Libya was elected overnight to the United Nations Human Rights Council despite numerous complaints that the country was unfit to serve on the international rights body.

A group of 37 human rights organisations called on the UN’s 192 members not to allow Libya a seat on the Geneva-based council, the UN’s main body dealing with human rights.

They described the regime of Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi as “one of the world’s most brutal and longest-running tyrannies”.

“Colonel Gaddafi belongs in jail, not on the world’s highest human rights body,” they said.

But the appeal fell on deaf ears, and a General Assembly secret ballot produced 155 votes in favor of adding Libya to the council, significantly more than the 97 votes needed.

Libya and 13 other nations ran unopposed for 14 of the council’s seats in a ballot process in which regional groups for the first time each picked a number of candidate equal to the number of seats available to them.

NGOs criticized the process as undemocratic.

“Elections without competition don’t make sense,” the group of rights defenders said.

The situation in Libya at the moment is chaotic and critical, the brutality is something beyond imagination, and as Many Sierra posted on Twitter recently,

World. Open your eyes as to what’s happening in Libya. Very graphic image.

Here are some horrific Twitter posts, videos and pics sent direct from Libya – Warning: Highly graphic content

The UK links to Libya go further than Tony Blair’s support for the tyrannic dictator, as Al Jazeera reported on February 22 2011,

A warning from a legal adviser to the UN Commission on Human Rights  suggests that Britain may be found guilty of “complicity” for the killings of protesters by Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

In the third quarter of 2010 alone, according to the Campaign Against Arms trade, the UK licensed over $6mn worth of ammunition to Libya, including sniper rifles and crowd control ammunition, which is suspected to have been used by the regime to suppress demonstrators.

Although the UK has condemned the violent attacks on Libya’s protesters, in the past it has turned a blind eye to the country’s dubious human rights record for fear of risking lucrative oil, trade and arms deals.

And the Senior US officials progress, as preached in Gaddafi’s Human Rights Council admission, so far limits itself to, as reported on the 23 February 2011 by the BBC,

Colonel Gaddafi has vowed to crush the revolt and die as a martyr.

His televised speech on Tuesday referred to the protesters as rats and cockroaches and has been greeted with a mixture of anger and mockery.

It is clear to see who are the ones officiating the mockery; who are the ones responsible for the people’s anger; and who are the ones actually allowing, feeding and supporting the civilian bloodshed.

More: Open Letter to the United Nations: A message of Solidarity to Libya

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2 thoughts on “No better demonstration of the uselessness of the United Nations

  1. I have been saying this for so long. Surely the United Nations is a place for the ‘old boys’, who as long as they are all right Jack they dont give a toss about anyone else. After all doesnt it come down in the end to money, and how they can line their own pockets. .
    Brings to mind Darfur hasnt this been going on for too long.
    Until therfe is a uprising by the ordinary people they will continue to sit back and do nothing. Actions not words please, but I cannot see this happening in the near future.

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