Bikes provide an answer

  • The average person will lose 13 lbs in their first year riding to work.
  • 20 bikes can be parked in the same space as 1 car.
  • An MIT study in Lyon, France, found that bikes are 50% faster than cars during rush hour.
  • Adding 30 minutes of daily cycling saves each of us $544 in medical costs annually.
  • 1.100 deaths would be prevented annually.
  • Better fitness and fewer car accidents.
  • Increased air quality.


Public Hulu-related Rant

Seriously now Hulu, what’s with the nearly non-stop ads on TV series? Are the TV series there just to fill the gaps between an ad and another?

Absolutely hate how Hulu asks “What ad experience do you prefer?” and demands a positive answer – who in the f*ck likes to watch ads?!

Also what’s up with repeating the same ads over and over, not-so-subtle brainwashing is it?

Bravo for the masterpiece tough – “Is this ad relevant to you?” – maybe, if it makes me prefer to eat my own sh*t and drink my own p*ss rather watch it?

I’d pay not to have ads at all, but there seems not to have an option for that is it? In the meanwhile I’m sick of watching them bloody ads over and over again, thus I’m going back to my books! Without a bloody “Pinnacle” vodka, thanks very much!